Asphyxiating Devotion

by Ekpyrosis

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  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    Featuring a gruesome layout by César Valladares, who also took care of the logo and the cover artwork, this CD version comes in a standard jewel case.
    It will be released by Memento Mori (Spain) on 23rd January 2017, and will be available on Ekpyrosis bandcamp in the very next days.

    Includes unlimited streaming of Asphyxiating Devotion via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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Debut full-length by italian death metal youngsters Ekpyrosis, unleashing 40 minutes of intense and aggressive low-end death metal.


released January 23, 2017

All music and lyrics by Ekpyrosis.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Carlo Altobelli at Toxic Basement Studio (Milan).
Cover artwork, logo and layout by César Valladares.
CD version published by Memento Mori (Spain).



all rights reserved


Ekpyrosis Milan, Italy

Ruthless and vitriolic DEATH METAL from Italy. Recommended for fans of Incantation, Sadistic Intent, Demigod... Debut full-length album "ASPHYXIATING DEVOTION" out on 23rd January 2017 via Memento Mori label.

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Track Name: Profound Death
Pitch black depths: dominion of death
Time kneels subjugated to this vacuity
Forlorn creation re-echoes unheard…

History of eons collapse forsaken
Gigantic holes of death in hunger of light
Order from chaos – destruction of empty spaces

Mass obscure expands inexorably
Doom of silent zeroing of entropy
Membrane of time, stretched to stillness
Frozen eons of radiative remains

Enchained to laws of this dark womb
Doomed to expire in the slowest agony

Any deity has lost
drowned into the void

Graveyard of worlds drowns in black
the endless realm of profound death…

Eternal is the frost of this tomb
devouring the space and time as it grows
Cosmic unfolding of nothingness
Congregations of stars shifted to red
Billions and billions of centuries of void
enshrouding with darkness this abyss
An absence that reason cannot embrace
The most lifeless thing ever to exist

Fade into timeless slumber
Forgotten creation of a dead goddess
Sink into the abyss of time
Swallow every sun, every life, and light itself
Track Name: Obsessive Christendom
Fear of god has shut your reason
Aching doubts have taken your sleep
You blindly flagellate your soul
self-inflicting pain to be redeemed…

Christianity has become
an unbearable disease
The word of God now hangs you
and the noose is impossible… to ease!

Kneel and grip tight to your rosary
Curse yourself for your every deed
Repeat these words until insanity:
“Forgive me father, for I have sinned”

Obsessive Christendom
Lunacy leads on when you’re forced to face your doom
Obsessive Christendom
Asphyxiate in prayers that your lucidity consume

“Lord, judging my doom as I rest
Deliver me from evil that men enthralls
In the hour of my death
Your purity unstained shall save my soul…
…for in glory of heavens I’ll be reborn”
Track Name: God Grotesque
Triumph of horror
painted on stones of these dark halls
Church of macabre:
they pray for total death

Skulls and bones
to remind you thy doom
The ossuary:
chapel of dark men’s decay

Centuries of pitiful commiseration
to tame the fearful sheep of Christ
Enchained souls by a portrayed horrification
Death shall here discourage life
No room for vanity nor self-magnification
for those who shall return to ash
Preachers of carnage and of sick abominations
lead the sermon of the mass

The gory end reigns
In these walls of corpses
Macabre domain…
Thy lord flagellates
by the pains of pestilence
Collected remains… of death!

God grotesque…

God has judged that our doom is condemnation
The priest is the harbinger of horror
And so the church became domain of desolation
of hundreds bones covered in dust
Ignorance is spreading minds petrification
amongst the men who are vexed by death
In the ossuary death demands dark celebration
The life absence suffocates thou…

Religion twisted into morbidity
Christ’s passion is now a path of gore

Father of mortification
Sinister is our devotion
Sermon of annihilation
Life denial, the fear to exist…
Macabre lord…
Track Name: Immolate the Denied
Immolate… the denied
Left behind by a reluctant messiah

Religion perverted by weakness
Vile degeneration of men
Decadence’s preached as virtue of Christ…
…the dead god!
Their lord was submitted to death
Crowned and hung among thieves
For believers of lies, the deserved feeble king…
…on the cross!

You’ll never see
the light you seek
Open your eyes
Abnegate the reign of God

Reality has been overthrown
by the bearers of “truth”…
The acknowledged voice
of emptiness and decline

They named compassion a virtue
Promoting denial of life
Instinct was labelled as sin of worst kind…
His sanctity is poisonous and filthy
Exhibit of horrid decay
Falsely pitiful, they hide in their faith…

Abandoned through infinite nothingness
The empty space breathe upon us
becoming colder and continually darker
What are these churches now
but not the tombs and monuments of God?
Do we not hear the morticians
who are burying him?

Do we not smell the divine putrefaction?
For even Gods putrefy!
God is dead! God remains dead!
And we have killed him!
The most murderous of all murderers…
The mightiest that the world possessed
has bled to death under our knife…

The burden of your cross
shall not weight on my back

Not an healer…
You couldn’t have saved me
Not a savior…
You couldn’t have changed this misery
Jesus Christ has not died for my sins
The foolishness of praying
congregated in deceit
is disgusting me…
Track Name: Incarnation of Morbidity
Born in desecration…
Incestuous spawn of life and death
Blood lusty adoration…
Obsessed by gore, and decay of flesh

Perpetually obstructed shouts crowd
a purulent brain obsessed by integrity
Sick deformities of reality
and routine suffering

Indifference masks hatred
for life's essence
Desire of eternal end in a warm grave
where I'm worm's sovereign

There I should reign!
Through morbidity and decay
Obsession for decease
Deceitful is human being
Careless existence as a dusty ghost I was born
Flesh and bones… I'm God's most hated son

Longing for flesh
Demented lust
Depraved dash

Possession - Anticoagulant pain for evil to prevail
Obsession - Forever lasting oath to live in hell
Sickness - Rotting thee be born I will
Soreness - Incarnation of morbidity…
Track Name: Morticians of God
The holiest one was taken of his life
Fear, slayers of Christ!
A sacrifice to stain the whole mankind
Die, bloodstained lamb
We are God since he did fall to lay
Suffer: emptiness reigns
Stand the burden of a profane life
Despair: nothing's left now

Deconsecrate… Dechristianize!

The morality of God has been overthrown
Order of before is destined to none
Feed the disbelief and inhumanity
Individuals like wolves trying to get fed

Open your eyes - witness his death
Gott is tot! - resounding rule of men

Spiritual Golgotha, God’s grave…
Onward… Morticians of God

Highest deity's dead, and it's meant to rest
With him do fall all fictional believes
Open the gates of age of nihilism
Transcend the Rubicon of over-humanity

Into nothing we blindly dwell
Morticians are burying God
Churches are macabre tomb
of the abolished cruciform

I stand alone as self, by my side no divinity
I'm freed from illusions that feed the religiosity
I've raise among men by transmuting my own values
Forth I intonate my “requiém aeternam Deo”
Track Name: Depths of Tribulation
Torn from the bliss
of knowledge, as illusive perception
Deluded by absence
of meaning in your truth

Shall I confront my mortality
with the void of life to be
Dormant ecstasy of death
awaiting for an afterlife

Depths of tribulation, I drown
Depths of tribulation, abomination

Fall into dreary doubts
Eternal abacination…
…of abandonment to emptiness

Penetrates your mind
a truth unfit for yourself
Befall the end, since now
you dwell in pain

Soul… antinomy of sense
God… antinomy of all

Refusal of soul
a path to balance disrupt
Reshape your perception
Slave to contradiction
Track Name: Blasphemous Doom
The accused is doomed to guillotine
The sentence is death by decapitation

Waiting anxiously for an untimely end
Surrounded by wall that shall be my grave
Unavoidably trapped in this morbid chaos
Fed by anguish suffocating my mind

Blood on the gallows
Crows fly in wait
Extirpation of life
By the grace of the court

Blasphemous doom of the executed
Impending death… awaits
Blasphemous doom of the executed
Condemnation… grotesque

Heretical pervert… execrable flesh
Denied acquittance by disgust of the judge
Palpitations grow beneath unbearable pound
Lifeless flesh cursed to a wretched demise
Track Name: Unearthly Blindness
Horrid mind's disease
How grotesque it is
Thy bullshit belief - faith's collapse

Summon hypocrisy
Human spirit death
Power-hungry god - herald of lies

I serve not - sacred shit
Mind crushing filth
Stercus Deus

Obscenely disgraceful brutality
Mindful infliction
Shameful enchainment

Destroy! Burn! Oppose!
Annul thyself in fire…

Standing on my knees
not even when defeated
Brains so called faithful made it honorable
Forced since your birth
stabbed with crucifix
now thou have a choice: unchain your soul

Mind crushing filth
Unearthly blindness